Virtual SEND Conference

Is there a better way to get training for Special Educational Needs?

The Virtual SEND Conference is a 21st-century solution. Designed to support schools and professionals, it is both affordable and easily accessible without reducing quality.

A Virtual SEND Conference is a real conference with a big difference… you attend it online from where you are! We have taken this concept and created SEND focused conferences to help the whole education sector get high-quality CPD. We have the best speakers from across the country talking about a range of topics. Then we build a schedule that has something for every school and setting.

This can be accessed on the day or at anytime after. You never have to miss a conference again!

“It was informative and made accessing training from abroad really easy. I also appreciate that I will be able to access the lectures again.”

Phillippa Miller, Trainee SENCO

4 Great Reasons to Purchase Access Today!

Save Money

Save over £200 compared to other national conferences, we provide high-quality content, accessible after the conference is finished.

Access Anytime

You can be part of the conference on the day, or watch the sessions later on when you have time. The videos are always available.

No Travelling

Watch the conference from home or at school, the choice is yours. No time spent travelling and no travel and accommodation costs.

Whole School Benefits

Unlike other conferences, the Virtual SEND Conference provides videos of the sessions for you to share with the rest of your school.

“Excellent content delivered in a very convenient way and at a very reasonable price. More information than I could handle in one dose – but thankfully I will be able to re-visit in my own time.”

Janet Bristow, Perrymount Primary School

Great training for SENCOs, Senior Leaders and all staff around SEN

The Virtual SEND Conference is a great way to get CPD around SEND. The conference is run by B Squared, a company that has been working within the Special Educational Needs sector for over 25 years. The conference covers a wide range of areas within SEND. What makes this conference different is that it is accessed across the internet. We run the conference for schools twice a year, but you don’t have to watch it on the day, you can use the videos throughout the year as part of INSET days. The access is for the whole school. Our last conference had over 4,000 views on the day and the feedback has been amazing.

You can buy tickets for future events or past events, as the videos are always available. The cost of the conferences for schools is £60 and this covers the entire school, not just the SENCO.

Powered by B Squared

The Virtual SEND Conference is powered by B Squared. B Squared has been involved with Special Educational Needs for over 25 years, helping show the small steps of progress pupils with SEND make. B Squared has worked with thousands of schools and understand the challenges professionals working in SEND face and wanted a way to support these hardworking professionals. This conference along with the SENDcast is our way of supporting teachers and other professionals to improve outcomes for individuals with SEND. For more information about how B Squared can help improve assessment for pupils with SEND in your school click on the link below.